Total War: Attila Assembly Kit now live for modders to mess with

Total War Attila Assembly Kit mod tools

Creative Assembly have made the Assembly Kit for Total War: Attila live. It’s the core creation tools that the studio have been using to craft the Total War games, and it gives you practically complete control over every element of the game design and rules. 

With these tools, here starts the age of Attila modding. Prepare the Workshop; heavy loads are surely incoming! 

The Assembly Kit is made up of four tools, amusingly called Dave, Bob, Ted, and Terry. Using each one you’ll be able to adjust the names, stats, and look of any unit in the game, reshape terrain and re-texture models, and add your own personal stamp to Creative Assembly’s epic wargame.

Whilst I’ve about as much programming knowledge as a tea-leaf has knowledge of the East India Company, the tools do look exceptionally comprehensive, and in the right hands will no doubt begin to craft astonishing mods. The Total War series community is well known for producing some exceptional total conversions, so hopefully we have plenty of those to look forward to.

To download the tools, click the Library tab at the top of your Steam client window, open the ‘Tools’ section from the drop-down menu, and double click Total War: Attila Assembly Kit BETA to download.