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Total War: Attila’s highest graphics setting is made for graphics cards that don’t exist

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In the future we will be able to cook food instantly, wear supercomputers on our wrists, and, thanks to global warming, swim to work every day. We’ll also finally own PCs capable of running Total War: Attila on its extreme graphics setting.

That’s right, Creative Assembly have made a graphics mode that current graphics cards can’t use.

“There’s a few threads popping up with people worried about their kit running the game, we just wanted to clear up a couple of misconceptions that might help you out,” Creative wrote in a forum post. “The ‘Recommended Spec’ is not the spec that is required to run the game on full max quality settings at 1440p.” Instead, the recommended spec will get you the mid range graphics setting.

The top setting is ‘extreme quality’. It runs the game with 4XMSAA “which will have a particularly big performance impact.” Creative want to make clear the setting “is meant for future graphics cards, not for current gen.”

The lower presets – max perfomance through to max quality – span the spectrum from integrated graphics chips up to high end cards.

Creative also clarify that the reason the minimum and recommended specs are higher than Rome II’s is because in the past two years the team have moved onto a new iteration of the engine.

Have you tried to boot Attila in extreme quality? Did your computer make your house uncomfortably warm when you tried?