Total War Battles: Kingdom closed beta accepting signups

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Total War Battles: Kingdom makes no sense when you say it out loud. It’s just a set of words from the same lexicon. Like saying Ballpoint Writings: Paper or Canine Hair Collar: Walk. Still, it’s Creative Assembly’s stab at making a social game and it will likely consume players as wholly as Stronghold Kingdoms and Farmville.

Deep down, haven’t you all been calling for this?

Creative describe it as “a new cross-platform online strategy game for PC, Mac and tablets from the makers of Total War.” One that combines “intense battles with army management, kingdom building and devious social plotting”.

Kingdom is set in 10th century Europe in a world emerging from the Dark Ages. Players will each be building up a realm, constructing buildings that produce resources which they can then use to build armies that can be sent against other players.

Battles are played out similarly to those in Total War Battles: Shogun, you send your troops down lanes against the enemies. To win you need to get your troops to the enemy base. Creative say they’re placing “greater emphasis … on the correct timing of charges, special abilities and the strategic engagement of different unit types.”

You can sign up to join the Total War Battles: Kingdom beta already and take part in the grand free to play experiment.

Battery Charger Power: Socket.