New Total War: Troy DLC adds Ajax and Diomedes, Warhammer 2 style units

This dynamic duo will absolutely mess you up

Ajax and Diomedes surrounded by enemies. Utter units.

January 29, 2021 The Ajax and Diomedes expansion is out now via the Epic Games Store.

A Total War Saga: Troy is getting a new expansion pack at the end of the month which will feature new factions, mechanics, and units. The ‘Ajax and Diomedes Faction Pack’ will introduce, well, Ajax and Diomedes as new playable factions in the war for Trojan antiquity. This follows on from the Amazons expansion released last September, as well as the obligatory Blood Pack in October.

Ajax controls the city of Salamis, while Diomedes is the newly crowned King of Argos. They will each have their own unique faction mechanics (two each) and unit rosters. The expansion also adds a new Troy event called ‘Stealing the Palladium’, and the city of Thebes is getting a new campaign map model and new battle map that will include the legendary ‘seven gates’ layout.

The final major addition coming with this expansion is the inclusion of new ‘Paragon’ units. As per the official FAQ, these are “extra-special units with strong stats, attributes, and aura abilities who are led by a seasoned veteran.” These sound suspiciously like Total War: Warhammer 2’s Regiments of Renown to me.

We’re not sure how many Paragon units are being introduced at the moment. The FAQ also mentions that Diomedes has an ability to ‘create’ Paragon units by taking regular units and combining it with a chosen set of buffs. We’re looking into what this implies about how Paragon units work.

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As well as the new expansion content, there will be a free content drop as well. There will be a new patch that will address a number of fixes and changes, and then “Free-LC” in the form of new god, Hephaestus, the God of Blacksmiths and Volcanoes, and the Divine Craftsman epic agent. All of these will be available the same day as the expansion.

As a reminder, Total War: Troy is still an Epic Games Store exclusive until August 2021, so for the moment you’ll only be able to buy the new content via that store. When the Steam launch does happen though, Creative Assembly has confirmed this DLC will be available to purchase as well from the get-go.

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A Total War Saga: Troy Ajax and Diomedes DLC will release on January 28, 2021 via the Epic Games Store and cost $9.99 / £7.99 / €9.99.