Here’s our first look at Total War Saga: Troy’s Amazons faction

Recently, Creative Assembly invited a whole bunch of press and influencers to take a look at A Total War Saga: Troy’s campaign gameplay. You can get our thoughts at that link, but some of our peers decided to get extremely specific during their time with the game. And thanks to that, we now have an idea of what to expect from Troy’s Amazons DLC.

The Amazons faction will be playable as part of a DLC pack for Total War Saga: Troy, but the Amazons themselves will be in Troy as an AI faction whether you own the DLC or not. Creative Assembly has yet to provide any official details on the faction, but YouTuber PartyElite has provided a breakdown of how they function as an AI opponent within this early version of the campaign – and while the details are subject to change for the playable version, this should provide a solid idea of what to expect.

Most notably, the Amazon faction is indeed made up entirely of warrior women, as per their traditional mythic origins, led – in at least one subfaction – by the queen Hippolyta. In-game, Hippolyta is a powerful archer, and her AI focuses on reclaiming Amazonian land.

Ranged Amazonian units tend to be more powerful than their counterparts in other factions, and they have mounted archers that can fire while moving. Their cavalry has bronze weapons, which degrade over the course of battle – so those units become weaker as they continue to fight. Generally, it seems that the Amazons will be most effective as ranged units and skirmishers.

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You can see plenty more in the video above. For more on strategy games, you can find plenty of great ones at that link.