Total War: Warhammer 3 is in pre-production and “it’s absolute Chaos”

total war warhammer 3 chaos

Creative Assembly has a history of not-so-subtle teases for upcoming games, and this time it’s Total War: Warhammer III – and more specifically, the addition of a new Chaos faction. The new game is still in the throes of pre-production, but the team is confident enough to offer a quick hint about what to expect.

In a new “What the Teams are Working On” column, we get an update on the status of Warhammer 3. “Pre-production continues in earnest so lots of discussions, ideas, and concepts flying around in that area of the studio – it’s absolute Chaos.”

Rally the armies, summon the lords, and make ready for war – it’s time to march for the best strategy games on PC.

You certainly don’t use suspicious capitalization for no reason, so it’s fair to say there’ll be a Chaos faction in play – a near confirmation of something we already expected. Office Warhammer expert Rich speculates that we’ll see the Daemons of Chaos in the new game, following up on the Beastmen and Chaos Warriors.

The other big news in the blog post is a new free Legendary Lord for Warhammer II, and judging by the art choices it seems to be a new Dark Elf Lord, most likely Malus Darkblade. If you’re looking forward to the next campaign pack, there’s sad news: “it’s still quite a while away.”

But the biggest thing on the horizon for fans is the new historical game, with the Total War: Three Kingdoms release date slated for spring 2019. We don’t get much more detail here – some more campaign features are in development – but you know where to point your browser for the latest on the game as we hear it.