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Total War: Warhammer 2's peak players so far are down 36% on the original's

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Total War: Warhammer II has launched to a strong critical and public reception, rated 86% on Metacritic and 89% on Steam. But early signs are that it's down on sales compared to its predecessor.

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According to SteamSpy’s latest data, Total War: Warhammer II has roughly 340,000 owners after five days of release, with a peak concurrent user count of 72,320 (or 72,112 on SteamCharts).

This is much less than the original Total War: Warhammer’s launch week (and all-time) record for peak concurrents, which is 111,909 according to SteamCharts. Though the sequel’s launch week isn’t over, it's unlikely to exceed that number after the weekend. Assuming this doesn't happen, this means that concurrents during the sequel's launch are just 64% of the original's.

Still, Total War: Warhammer II will have a long tail. Expect a lot of paid and free content to keep the game fresh, starting with the keenly anticipated Mortal Empires free DLC. This will add a massive combined map made from those of the new and original games. While launch players might be somewhat disappointing for developers Creative Assembly - especially given the game's strong reception - they're chasing a different number in the long run: the original game's total owners, which are now up to roughly 1.77 million. 

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ffaust avatarEmpyre avatarMadMarchHare avatar
ffaust Avatar
ffaust(5 days 16 hours played)
5 Months ago

One word: Divinity 2 Original sin :D

Empyre Avatar
Empyre(9 days 13 hours played)
5 Months ago

Have you seen the player figures of all the Total War games? Each game is in its thousands of players dating back to Shogun 2.

MadMarchHare Avatar
5 Months ago

Often people want everything now not later, so only the really dedicated players (minority) will be around for the long haul. It happens even for mmos which you would expect to be long term player investment. They just flock from one fad to the next.