Total War: Warhammer’s world-colliding Mortal Empires DLC is out now


Total War: Warhammer’s Mortal Empires update, which adds the much-anticipated combined campaign map for owners of the first and second games, goes live today. At the same time, so does the Blood for the Blood God effects pack for Warhammer II. Here’s what you need to know.

Unsure whether the Warhammer world is worth conquering? Here are our Mortal Empires DLC impressions.

If you own both Total War: Warhammer I and II, the Mortal Empires update is free, but it’s not automatic – you’ll need to visit the store page here to download it. It will add a new campaign set on a new map, comprised of the New and the Old Worlds. They’ve been resized to fit with each other, so expect some changes, but it accommodates every major race released for both games so far apart from Norsca (who will be patched in later, also for free).

Here’s the map. All told, it includes a total of 117 starting factions, 35 legendary lords, 295 settlements, and 352 unit types.

Total War: Warhammer 2 - Mortal Empires factions

As for the gore effects pack, note that if you own it in Warhammer I, you get it free in Warhammer II. So if you own both games but didn’t get the gore pack for the first, you should buy it in that one, to get it free in the second as well. Only buy the gore pack for Warhammer II if you don’t own the first game, and don’t plan on getting it.

For a little preview, check out the trailer above. It’s pretty grisly, but that’s as it should be – without a bit of viscera, Warhammer’s grimdark battles are missing a certain something.