Total War: Warhammer’s next Lords pack sends reinforcements for Dwarves, Greenkins

Total War: Warhammer the King and the Warlord

Total War: Warhammer’s second major lords pack, The King and the Warlord, will help out those suffering Dwarven and Greekin armies on October 20.

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Lord Skarsnik, the legendary Greenkin, and Belegar Ironhammer the Dwarven champion will arrive alongside other units, maps and quests to bolster your forces next week.

The pack itself costs a diminuitive £5.99/$7.99 and will invite a host of cute critters such as Squigs, Night Goblin Warbosses, Dwarven Runelords and the like to your masquerading massacre.

Here’s the DLC trailer if you want to see them in action: