Total War: Warhammer battle trailer shows the perils of trying to flank Orks

Total War Warhammer ork battle

We’re almost exactly two months out from Total War: Warhammer’s much-anticipated release. Their latest trailer shows a full storyline battle, between the player’s Ork horde packed with large greenskins riding boars and commanders flying around on wyverns and a combined force of humans from various factions trying to stop them. It’s got a bit of old and new, with guard mode returning from other Total Wars and magic bringing a bit more spice.

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Big congrats in order also to the Creative Assembly person doing voice-over and pronouncing Azhag’s ‘Ard Armour without a single stutter:

Something has definitely gone wrong with the encoding here, either on CA’s end or YouTube’s messing about because it does not look right. Lots of artifacting and blurring, making it difficult to see just how nice it looks running. It’s amplifying the usual concerns about games not looking great two months out from release, but I wouldn’t take it as indicative – hopefully CA find whatever the problem in recording and uploading was before their next video.

As for what’s actually going on in that scrum, this is the end of one of the quest chains that are being added to make the whole thing a bit more fantasy. By winning, ol’ Azhag gets a nice shiny new coat. All the units shown off are apparently from early in the campaign, so things will only ante up from there.

28th of April is W-Day. The controversial pre-order bonus of the Chaos race is available on Steam, for £49.99 / €59.99 / $59.99. Even if it didn’t look rather fun to smash armies together, I expect I’d be buying it day one just in the hope that Warhammer 40,000 one day gets the same treatment. Could be the perfect game, that.