Total War: Warhammer cinematic trailer summons orcs on hogs, shadowy beasts, and searing fireballs to the battle

Total War Warhammer cinematic trailer

Total War: Warhammer is official. It’s real, it’s happening, and this new announcement trailer makes it look really darn exciting. Of course it’s a cinematic trailer, which means it does absolutely nothing to demonstrate the tactical battle simulation or the turn-based world map management that the game will wholly consist of, but it is very pretty and has a lot of people getting killed in it. 

There’s a lot of reading going on in the cinematic (our Jules notes that it’s basically the Diablo III cinematic until the war bits kick off), but it soon gives way to show off the races of the Vampire Counts, Orcs and Goblins, and Dwarves. And as things draw to a close, it is revealed that our narrator is very clearly an agent of Chaos. If the wheel-like icon on his robes didn’t quite give that away, the fact that his skin goes all creepy-crawly and a monstrous demon is summoned from a cloud of smoke is probably the clue you’re looking for.

Absolutely no release date in sight, but this announcement trailer hopefully will lead in a new era of details and gameplay footage. The game is planned to be the first of a trilogy of games, which will also see additional content alongside the standalone releases.