Isabella von Carstein heads to Total War: Warhammer as another Legendary Lord

Isabella von Carstein total war warhammer

Total War: Warhammer is getting another Legendary Lord. Isabella von Carstein, Vlad’s bloodmate (that’s like a soulmate, but bloody, okay?), is heading to the grand strategy game. 

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Von Carstein was initiated into the Vampire Counts with a blood kiss from Vlad. Vlad The Lad, we’ll call him. From that moment on, she was a full-on vampire – she’s got fangs and everything.

She’s heading to the game with the Bretonnians update on February 28, but only if Total War wins at the Make Love Not Battle event at the PC Gamer Weekender. If Total War doesn’t win, well, who knows.

Surely she’ll still come anyway, since she’s all made and everything. There’s even a new trailer to show her off, which you can watch above.