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Total War: Warhammer’s races will provide different difficulty levels for players

Total War Warhammer

Total War: Warhammer’s unique feature compared to most of Creative Assembly’s other games is that it has distinct races that offer very different methods of play. This comes in handy for variety, but also functions as a pseudo difficulty level. For players who find the RTS sections of Total War games difficult, there is one race you’ll want to play as above any other to make life a bit easier.

When our Phil discussed the difficulty of battle with Total War: Warhammer’s design director Rich Aldridge at EGX this week, the major differences between Dwarfs and Greekskins was highlighted. “I would suggest that Dwarfs are a good starting point,” said Aldridge, explaining that they were great for the more novice player “They don’t have as much mobility and they’re a little bit slower. They like to stay together in groups. They’re more defence-minded, so you don’t feel as rushed with them. They have a lot of ranged weaponry too, so you don’t have to be too mobile.”

“With Dwarfs, if you keep them as a thrall – if you keep them compact and together – they can withstand one hell of a beating,” he added.

For someone more learned in the art of Total War, Warhammer’s collection of Orcs and Goblins would be the way forward. “If you’re more of a zerg rusher, then greenskins are going to be more your bag,” Aldridge said. “You’ve got the speed of the Spider Riders, you’ve got Goblin Shamen running around on giant wolves casting spells. But they’re much more susceptible to morale issues. A goblin unit can chain react to another goblin unit, and so forth. But because you have Orc Big ’Uns behind them, they can say ‘Oi, get back in the fight!’”