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David Gibbins to write Total War: Rome 2 book series


Total War: Rome 2 is out now; here’s our Total War: Rome 2 review.

How do you like your Total War? I take mine with a black tea and salt. I hear others enjoy it with the complete opposite – black pudding and cocaine – but I don’t associate with them. If you’re of neither party, and you’d like to take yours in the form of the written word then till now you must have been feeling a little left out. Be left out no more, Pan Macmillan have bought the rights to publish four stories based on the series.

More on this over the page (oh, truly, that is too rich).

The project has been assigned to Pan Mac’s adult books division (no, not that sort of ‘adult’) and they’ll be taking the form of four adventure novels. David Gibbins -underwaterarchaeologist, author, Canadian- will be writing the series and, while we’ve no word from him, based on his other work, they’re likely to be historically accurate thrillers.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

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