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Medieval Total War 2 election mod lets Barack Obama and Mitt Romney battle it out over Europe


Disappointed with last night’s US election results: either because you think Romney should have taken over as king of America or that Obama should have had politically apt majority of 99%? Well, if you think you can do better then RantingHeretic’s Election: Total War mod should be your first port of call.

Adding Barack Obama and Mitt Romney models to the French and English armies, you can take both candidates to the field – along with hundreds of clones wielding canvasing boards – and win the election like the did in the old days, with copious amounts of bludgeoning and fire.

The mod’s only available for Medieval Total War 2, unfortunately. If you have a copy of the game then you pick up the mod from Total War Centre. It’s a small mod, weighing in at only 5mb so it shouldn’t take long to get into the election spirit.

While you’re waiting for that todownload, check out these screens fromprevious electoral bouts:

Images from RantingHeretic’s imgur account.