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Shogun 2 modding tools are out now, Assembly Kit will let you change history


Creative Assembly have launched a full suite of modding tools for Total War: Shogun 2, allowing historical tinkerers a far greater degree of control over their custom battles. The announcement of the Shogun 2 Assembly Kit on Steam also updates the existing Battle Map Editor to enable Steam Workship integration, as well as the ability to create scripted single-player historical battles. Of course, just rotating a battle-ready Shimotsuma Nakayuki twelve degrees would have such a profound effect on 16th century gene pool as to vanish your present self into a sad little paradoxical wisp. So watch out for that.

The developers have so far posted six custom maps on the Shogun 2 Workshop page, with player-created battles now slowly filing in. Here’s one that went up this weekend: a simplereproduction of the siege ofHelm’s Deep.

“Total War has a dedicated mod scene with some truly heroic modders wrestling with a gigantic game and turning out some incredible work,” said Creative Assembly’s Brand DirectorRob Bartholomew.

“Until now though there’s never been a useful set of tools that really opened up the possibilities in the game the way we knew they wanted. However, while we gear up for Rome II’s release next year,I’mhappy to say that the team were able pull out all the stops and put together a kit we hope will really inspire them.”

Thanks VG247.