Total War: Rome II weekly updates will tackle balance and AI; crash and performance fix due Friday


Creative Assembly are “very pleased” with the red carpet of words press and players have rolled out for Total War: Rome II in the wake of its release – but they’re acutely aware of the colourful variety of hardware-related issues some have suffered and are “urgently working to help get them the right experience”.

By Friday, they’ll have patched up a load of performance troubles and crashes caused by troublesome PC innards. And every week after that, there’ll be updates in aid of a better Rome.

“As announced last month, we are planning to tweak the balancing, AI routines and other features now that we’re getting real-time metric feedback from thousands of players,” said the developers.

“The result is that the first update to the game will drop this Friday, with the intention to update the game on a weekly basis in the immediate future.”

Full patch notes will be available to browse by the end of the working week – and CA are urging anybody experiencing graphical pains – especially low-res murkiness – to visit their support forums for advice.

“There are also a variety of other fixes suggested in our support forum,” they write. “Please head there to find out more or report your own problem directly to the CA team who will assist you.”

Are you in need of assistance? Or are you well on your way to Gaul right now?