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Total War: Shogun 2 Otomo Clan Pack DLC now pre-purchasable on Steam


A wad of dough and a piece – the Otomo Clan share the same wants as the contemporary hustler. That’s why they formed an early alliance with rifle-sporting Portuguese traders, welcoming in Catholicism and economic and military power with it. But – and how did Sun Tzu put it – “Know money, and you will know problems. Something something, a thousand battles, a thousand victories.”

That’s what awaits you in the new Shogun 2 DLC pack on Steam. For specifics, circumvent the break.

The Otomo come with the clan trait Master Gunners, which grants them -10% and -15% cost on gunpowder units and missionary actions respectively, as well as +2 to conversions and faster import of Matchlock Ashigaru units.

Beyond that, they’ll bring a host of new unit types to the game and a new approach to captured city development, detailed below:

  • New Units
    • Portugese Tercos (foot, Ranged, Melee)
    • Armed with matchlock rifles and swords, clad in iron breastplates and Spanish Morion helmets, the Tercos can lay down withering hails of fire, and give a solid performance in melee.
    • Otomo Donderbuss Cavalry (mounted, Ranged)
    • Mounted troops armed with the fearsome, fluted Donderbuss rifle – the forerunner of the modern shotgun. These ranged units can be swiftly positioned to gouge at an enemy’s flanks, or punch the wind out of his cavalry charges before they even arrive.
    • Otomo Matchlock Ashigaru (foot, Ranged)
    • Armed with matchlock arquebuses to unleash massed volleys of long-range gunfire upon the enemy, these units fight with religious fervour, which increases the accuracy of their fire and enables them to reload at a faster rate than standard Matchlock Ashigaru.
    • Otomo Matchlock Samurai (foot, Ranged, Melee)
    • With their accurate volleys of rifle-fire, Otomo Matchlock Samurai are ideal at weakening enemy units before a charge. Benefitting from their Samurai training, they fire with greater accuracy and reload more swiftly than their Ashigaru brethren.
    • Otomo Matchlock Kobaya (naval, Ranged)
    • A very light and fast ship carrying a small detachment of musket-armed soldiers whose Christian fervour and familiarity with matchlocks enables them to shoot more accurately and reload at a faster rate than standard Matchclock-bearing Kobaya.
  • New Buildings
  • Leased land
  • One building slot per city can be handed over to Portuguese control for them to do with as they wish. In return, the clan gains a large amount of money, enabling it to ramp up its war efforts at pace.
  • A new subchain of Jesuit buildings (Hospital – Jesuit Seminary – Jesuit College) replaces the Chapel building subchain (Mission – Church – Cathedral):
  • Each building will progressively aid the conversion of the Japanese to Christianity, increase unit replenishment, economic growth and the happiness of the Christian populace. They will also progressively improve the rate at which the arts are mastered and allow a besieged army in the same castle town to hold out for longer.

The Otomo Clan Pack will cost £2.99 upon its release on November 30th. Will you be pre-purchasing for the usual 10% discount?

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