Trackmania 2: Canyon receives free update, adds Platform game mode


Arcade racing stunt platformer TrackMania 2: Canyon has just received a new update, which revives the excellent Platform game mode from the original Trackmania. The Platform Pack introduces a challenge mode in which the goal is to navigate a track without falling into the harrowing vehicular abyss that surrounds. Trackmania is essentially Sonic the Hedgehog with cars anyway, Platform just logically expands on that. There’s a trailer below that will also remind you just how stunning this game looks.

The Platform Title Pack adds online ranking for the game mode alongside 23 new tracks. Nadeo’s also launched The King of the Ultimate Nightmare Challenge: “First player to complete a full drivethrough on the Ultimate Nightmare platform track with absolutely no respawns and send the replay to Nadeo will see his [or her] achievement celebrated in an upcoming dedicated video on the ManiaPlanet Youtube channel!”

Sounds easy. Give it here.

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