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Train Simulator dev “definitely” wants multiplayer for Train Sim World 2

"it's not something that's there, obviously, at the moment, but it's something that's very much in the back of our mind"

Train Simulator developer Dovetail Games has been talking up the possibility of multiplayer ahead of Train Sim World 2‘s August release date. After a virtual press preview, senior producer Matt Peddlesden was asked if he had thought of making a multiplayer mod for Train Sim World, which led him to discuss the possibility of it happening in the game’s sequel.

“It was thought number one when we originally came up with the idea of doing Train Sim World back in the day,” Peddlesden shares. “It’s been in the back of our minds ever since then. But [what] it’s been about, really – we need to make a strong single-player experience.

“We’ve got lots of designs, thoughts, and ideas about multiplayer. I think it’d be pretty cool, and I think there are a lot of discussions online about what a multiplayer mode will be and I don’t want to answer what that is because we still need to finalise the design, and so forth. But I think there are tons of opportunity for multiplayer in a train simulator, and I think it’ll be very, very good fun.

“But no, it’s not something that’s there, obviously, at the moment, but it’s something that’s very much in the back of our mind – I definitely want to do [it].”

Train Sim World 2 plops you down in the cab of a locomotive and gives you plenty of trains and routes to pick from. You can drive a DB ICE 3M out of Köln, haul freight across Sand Patch Grade with in a CSX AC4400CW, or dart around the London Underground’s Bakerloo Line.

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You also have the option to flip out of realism and the upcoming train game will accommodate it by shrinking your train. So you send a tiny CSX AC4400CW chugging down the London Underground’s Bakerloo Line if you really want to.

Dovetail’s Train Sim World follow-up also includes new customisation tools and an upgraded engine. If Train Sim World 2 sounds like your kind of thing, then you can try it when the release date arrives on August 20.