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Transformers: Devastation takes us behind the scenes with Platinum Games


Platinum are the masters of fast-paced combat. Where From Software takes the prize for deliberate, tactical encounters, Platinum usually deliver similar depth, but at breakneck speed. Mastery comes when each dodge, parry and retaliation become reflex. 

I generally find myself warming to their games through extended play. I couldn’t get on with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance at first, but repeated runs were a series of revelations.

What do you mean you can dodge? You can do a slow motion knee slide to deal with rocket launcher troops, chopping their legs to ribbons as you slide past? Each new discovery changes how you play.

This is why I’m hopeful for Transformers: Devastation. It’s a genre Platinum excel in, and it’s a franchise they clearly love. Each frame of gameplay footage I’ve seen looks like it was ripped from the classic TV show.

This new video shows a bit of the thought process behind that, as well as explaining the story and how transformations will be used – rather than splitting the game into two separate entities, transformations are integrated into the fabric of combat. It sounds like it could be fun.

Check out the video below:

Transformers: Devastation is coming to PC on October 9.