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Transformers Universe trailer and screens emerge, beta registration begins


Of all the unwritten MMO rules, none is unwritten so deeply or in such clear handwriting as this: either you play as a person, or a car, and never the twain shall meet.

In flagrant disregard for a constitution developer Jagex surely must have become aware of in their decade running Runescape, the debut trailer for Transformers Universe contains footage of both robot-people and cars – and what’s more, it transpires they’re one and the same.

Beta registration for the browser MMO has already begun; you can sign up at the laudablynoisy official site.

See screenshots of Transformers Universe bellow. Sorry, below. Though the other thingworks too, metaphorically-speaking.

Interest engaged?Take a look at Jagex’s other game about cars, Unity-powered Facebook game Carnage Racing. From them who made Midnight Club, don’tcha know.