Trials Evolution: Gold will wheelie its way onto the PC on March 22, expect accidents


Gold will be the PC edition of the Xbox 360’s super-best-selling motorcycle stunt series. This edition will be “specially enhanced” for our machines and will draw from both Trials Evolution and Trials HD, featuring over 120 tracks and support for up to four simultaneous players, either online or bunched together around the same PC as if huddling for warmth.

To emphasise the popularity of this series, UbiSoft today reminded us that over four million Trials games have been sold and sent us this very dramatic picture of a motorbike and a jet plane. If you want to see what Trials will look like on the PC, click through for a video that, mercifully, doesn’t feature any painful crashes or signs of serious injury.

Okay, so I lied.

A track editor will also be included, as will all sorts of bike and rider customisation options, allowing you to look fantastic for the five minutes that you aren’t in, or on your way to, a hospital.