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Reach for the sky: Trials Fusion grows an online tournament mode

Trials Fusion: never knowingly grounded.

Bikes! Oh my gosh, look – one’s upside down. You can’t land a bike upside down! Oh, now it’s the right way up again. Phew.

Such is the exhilarating premise of Trials Fusion. Dedicated racers have already zipped through its existing stages, and its six-part course of DLC is yet to begin – but in the meantime, a free online tournament mode has dropped into the game.

Anybody who’s played Rayman Legends’ timed challenges will recognise the formula: three tournaments of varying difficulties will run alongside each other for a limited time, and players will compete to top the leaderboards.

Bike parts, costumes and wads of Fusion’s in-game cash and XP are showered on those players who manage to place, and will increase in intensity along with their ranking.

The update went live last night, and also included 10 top player-created courses, found in Track Central.

Six paid-for DLC packs will appear over the coming year, with the first expected before the end of the summer.

Fusions’ innovations – wiggling your man about a bit in mid-air – might not have proved particularly far-reaching, but it’s still the best iteration of the game yet. Have you tried it yet?

Thanks, Eurogamer.