Tribes Ascend: Game of the Year Edition trailer; six new maps and a new gun coming


Just the other day Paul wrote about the new version of Tribes Ascend which give players a way to buy and unlock all the currently released content with a single purchase. The Game of the Year Edition goes on sale on 15 February and to alert the world to its presence Tribes’ developer Hi-Rez have released a trailer. There’s also a whole bunch of new content on the way too, six new levels and a new gun.

It looks like damn fine fun, though.

All the content in the GOTY edition is available to any player of Tribes but it has to be earned by hard toil/microtransactions. The GOTY lets you get it all for one lump sum, like games of old. The new level -three CTF & Blitz and three Arena maps – will also be available to all players from the 15 February. As willthe new Shocklance weapon and two new cosmetic skins.

The GOTY will go on sale through Steamfor £20.99 for new players and £14 for Tribe VIPs.

You can download Tribes either through Steam or over on the game’s website.