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Tribes: Ascend Marksman update brings new weapons, drag, and lederhosen


Tribes: Ascend’s Marksman update is here and it’s packing. There are new weapons, like the SA20 rifle and the Blinksfusor (which fires disks with 100% inheritance of the players speed), and adds the CTF Blitz mode to Crossfire, there’s also a whole host of tweaks and balances.

As ever, full details are below.

This is no minor patch, so there’s a good deal to go through. Luckily I offer it up to you three speeds: video, bullet points, and commentary. Select now:

Bolds, italics, and swearing are all my own.

  • Three new weapons for Sentinel:
    • Primary: SAP20 Sniper Rifle
    • Secondary: Accurized Shotgun
    • Belt: Motion Mine
  • One new weapon for Soldier:
    • Secondary: Spare Spinfusor
  • One new weapon for Pathfinder:

    • Primary: Blinksfusor (100% Inheritance)

  • The Rage perk has been overhauled.
    • Rage activates if you are within 230m of your flag when it’s grabbed by an enemy.
    • The flag must be taken from its flag stand for Rage to activate.
    • When activated Rage instantly gives energy and health (when upgraded).
    • For 15 seconds you have mass reduction and are immune to the next self-damage you take, which removes the Rage Effect.
    • Flag carriers cannot be raged.
  • The Technician’s Repair Kit will no longer repair objectives through world geometry. Base turrets are an exception to this rule since they can be on platforms that don’t have enough room for the kit.
  • Reduced the amount of impact camera shake from rapid projectile weapons (such as Assault Rifles, SMGs, etc).
  • Reduced starting magazine size on Raider’s NJ5 to 20. Adjusted starting ammo to match.
  • Reduced damage on Technician’s Quick-Fuse grenade by 11%.
  • Reduced radius on Technician’s Quick-Fuse grenade by 16%.
  • Reduced damage on Soldier’s Short-Fuse Frag by 10%.
  • Reduced radius on Soldier’s Short-Fuse Frag by 14%.
  • Increased damage on Technician’s TC24 by 10%
  • Increased radius on Technician’s TC24 by 4%.
  • Increased projectile speed 15% on Technician’s EXR Turret.
  • Increased projectile size on Technician’s EXR Turret.
  • Slightly reduced the size of Technician’s EXR Turret.
  • Increased the top speed of the Grav Cycle.
  • Decreased damage on Soldier’s Proximity Grenade by 11%.
  • Decreased radius on Soldier’s Proximity Grenade by 8%.
  • Fixed a bug allowing Technician Repair Kits to repair faster than should be allowed based on server performance. In general, this will decrease repair kit rates from what was in live.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented unlocked Repair Kit upgrades from functioning properly.

Additional Items

  • There is a new option under Video Settings to control Texture Detail. It is recommended that 32-bit OS users set this option to Medium or lower due to memory constraints.
  • Fixed issues with players using special characters in clan tags
  • Fixed an issue where certain settings’ Enabled states would not show on rollover
  • Fixed an issue allowing players to get out of bounds on Temple Ruins
  • Changes to Permafrost: New flagstand area, larger generator room, terrain and spawn changes.
  • Fixed an issue where players could visit inventory stations without the time penalty restriction if the player had changed classes.

So, theSentinelclass has received a lovely little set of bonuses. In particular I’m looking forward to givingthat railgun-like SA20 a pop. Though the soldier and Pathfinder are doing pretty well out of this update. That secondary spinfusor, whilst allowing soldiers to rock an assauly rifle/spinfusor combo, will hopefully see most use in a spinfusor/spinfusor loadout. There ain’t no bragging rights greater than getting to the top of a match’s leaderboard whilst using two slow moving disc launchers against players travelling at over 200kmph.

The Technicians, too, seems to have been buffed. Sacrificing some of the use of its Quick-Fuse grenade in favour or a boost to its turret and TC24.

Though, where are the unlockable lederhosen?