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Tribes: Ascend to get a new patch… two years after the last one

Tribes Ascend patch

Tribes: Ascend, the jackpack-fuelled shooter from Hi-Rez, is getting a 1.1 patch. Normally patches are common news, but there’s something unusual about this one. Tribes hasn’t been touched in two years…

Back in 2013, developer Hi-Rez took a ‘six month break’ from their free-to-play shooter, and seemingly never returned. Recently the studio have been heavily supporting their godly MOBA Smite, so it seems like they’ve been very busy. But at some point someone in the studio must have decided to give Tribes: Ascend some love, and so next week a patch is incoming.

The 1.1 patch – names ‘Out of the Blue’, will be applied to the Public Test Server on Spetmeber 14th. The patch was announced to the Tribes Reddit community, who seem to universally welcome the changes. Some are mere tweaks, but other bring huge adjustments to the game, including the destruction of all classes, which have been replaced with simple Light, Medium, and Heavy classes. There’s now a weapons class system that will limit the amount of similar weapons that can be equipped by a character, which should force more rounded builds.

You can read the full patch notes here.

Thanks, VG247.