Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power trailer shows off 3rd person perspective

trine 3 artifacts of power frozenbyte

If there’s one thing you could guess about a Trine sequel it’s that it would probably continue to be a game, instead of reimagining itself as a culinary experience which you had delivered to your door by swans. If there were two things, it’s that Frozenbyte would make another eye-arrestingly pretty game.

Judging by the trailer for Trine 3: Artifacts of Power both your guesses were spot on.

You might not have expected them to have started turning the strictly side-on platformer into a third person action game.

There’s a lot about the new Trine trailer which is familiar, you still switch control between a wizard, an archer, and a knight, using their different abilities to work through levels packed with physics puzzles and fantasy enemies. But, now, you’ll have moments where the camera moves away from its side on perspective, giving you a different view on the action.

See this new camera at work in the new trailer:

It does look absolutely gorgeous. Plus, that new camera work is integrated so smoothly, panning around at just the right moment to show off boss enemies.

There’s no details yet on what we’ll be facing in Trine 3, nor whether it will ship with level editing tools like the previous games but I’ve my fingers crossed. Part of the reason for Trine’s success is the long half life its enjoyed thanks to its community of map designers.

Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power’s release date’s not been announced but we’ll apparently be seeing it hit the virtual shelves later this year.