Trion closes San Diego studio


Trion Worlds has issued a statement explaining that it has decided to shut down its San Diago arm of operations. The studio was responsible for developing MMO Defiance.

In the official statement, Trion Senior Director of Global Communications Katie Uhlman confirmed that rumours of the studio closing down were true: ““We can confirm that the San Diego studio will be closing. The day to day operations of Defiance will be moved to our Redwood City studio where it can be managed alongside Rift and our other in development titles including ArcheAge and End of Nations. As part of this transition, we are working hard to ensure that a number of great people will be making the move from San Diego to the Bay Area and continue their work at Trion.”

Trion’s other two studios are located in Redwood Shores, California, and Austin, Texas. The Redwood Shores arm is the home of the Rift development team, whilst the Texas branch deals with technology.

We wish everyone at Trion San Diego the best, and hope that as many as possible can remain in employment and make the move to Redwood City.

Thanks, PC Gamer.