Tropical Skyrim throws out climactic dragon fights for climate change


A total conversion mod for Skyrim has ripped out the bitter wastes wholesale and replaced them with the best of Far Cry 3 – palm trees, baked earth and chattering birds.

Tropical Skyrim is the work of modder Soolie, who has converted the Nordic realm in its entirety: Falkreath Hold has become the rainforest, for instance, and the tundra a vast desert.

Elsewhere, Skyrim’s familiar landscapes have been replaced with sandy beaches, bamboo forests and fiery volcanic areas and much more. All are enlivened with bloomier, southern hemisphere lighting, new weather systems, and a zoo’s worth of climate-appropriate animals.

Sabre cats have been replaced with tigers, bears with pandas and rhino-a-likes, horkers with seals, wolves with raptors, frostbite spiders with jungle spiders and trolls with apes.

Tropical Skyrim: where pandas fight raptors at the gates of Whiterun.

Tropical Skyrim will require a little more of your rig than its vanilla parent, but performance drops can be prevented with a couple of tweaks recommended on the official Nexus page.

So: are you in?

Thanks, Eurogamer.