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Tropico 6 is coming next year, see the new trailer

Tropico 6

Update June 13, 2017: Tropico 6 just got a brand new cinematic trailer during the Sony E3 2017 pre-show, and you can check it out above. 

It seems that you can be such an absolute dictator that you can steal Lady Liberty herself. Oh, it’s also officially called Tropico 6. 

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We’ll update again once there are more details.

Original Story June 1, 2017: El Presidente, doff your dictator cap and walk out onto the balcony of your presidential suite – it’s time to address your islanders once more. At a time of such political uncertainty, it’s pretty much the perfect moment to announce a new Tropico game, and Kalypso have done just that.

That’s right, Tropico 6 is coming in 2018. Without last-gen consoles holding it back, expect your island paradise to look better than ever, even if you have triggered martial law.

I’m not a massive strategy guy, but I adore Tropico. It’s my go-to relaxing game. I can lose hours and hours creating a perfect tourist trap and snaking roads over its lush landscapes.

The new trailer doesn’t give much away, other than the fact there’s probably going to be some political commentary on current events. If any game is allowed to get political, though, this is it. Have a watch above.