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Roly-poly roguelike TumbleSeed gambols onto Steam on May 2


A spiritual successor to the Taito arcade game Ice Cold Beer, the balanced-based roguelike TumbleSeed rolls onto Steam on May 2. With the goal being transporting a seed to the top of a mountain, players must rock and roll their way through five different worlds, dodging fierce enemies and huge holes in the mountain side.

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Much like the Taito arcade game, players don’t directly control the seed, but the giant platform that is carrying it to the top of the mountain. By changing the relative heights of each side of the platform, players can roll out of the way of holes in the mountain, hungry critters and any other obstacles that may stop your rise to the top.

You’re no garden variety seed though, as you can be upgraded with special attacks and abilities to help your slow ride up the mountain side. The SpringSeed for example allows you fly above danger for a short time, while the StormSeed fills up holes in the mountain with rainwater so you don’t fall to your doom. You can actually stack these power-ups, turning you into one beefy seed.

You do have a life bar as well, so it’s not a case of one hit and you’re out. As with any roguelike, there are multiple secrets to unlock so make sure to be adventurous when rolling up the mountain. You can also meet up with other sentient seeds during your quest, who will no doubt give you a hand in clearing TumbleSeed’s five unique worlds. There are also daily challenges where you compete with fellow seed rollers, so expect plenty of people trying to be king of the mountain when TumbleSeed launches May 2.

The minimalist art style works well, with TumbleSeed’s use of bright contrasting colours and simple enemy designs helping players quickly notice what’s dangerous and what isn’t. TumbleSeed also uses shapes effectively in its environmental design, using triangles and circles to point out places of danger and places of safety. If you’re someone who suffers from trypophobia, TumbleSeed may be your worst nightmare, with certain levels being full of gaping holes.

While no pricing is currently available, keep your eye on the TumbleSeed Steam page for more information.