You can now search for your favourite Overwatch and Hearthstone heroes on Twitch

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Twitch have added new discovery tools to streams of Overwatch and Hearthstone, which give viewers greater control over the streams they see.

Hearthstone and Overwatch both make it into our list of the best PC games.

As of last night, new menus were introduced to the streaming site, allowing you to filter entries on the Overwatch and Hearthstone directories. That means you’re now able to filter Overwatch streams by hero. The options for Hearthstone are a little more expansive, allowing you to filter streams by game mode, player rank, number of wins, and hero class.

The reason for the change stemmed from the desire in many of Twitch’s users to improve at their favourite games by watching better players stream them. JT Gleason, director for integration success at Twitch, says that having introduced filtering on some top esports, the company received “demand from the greater community to have access to similar discovery tools for other titles.”

“Since Overwatch and Hearthstone are also among our most popular competitive games whose players take to Twitch to improve their skills by watching others play, we focused on how we can improve discovery for them. Our new metadata filters now make it easy to find more granular aspects of gameplay that previously required a lot more searching.”

Zia Syed, director of engineering at Twitch and founder of ClipMine, the company that helped develop the new filtering features, says “Video game streams have a very rich structure that has been difficult to exploit for the purpose of enabling content discovery,” but that these changes “enable us to match creators and viewers in a very precise manner opening up new ways of content discovery on Twitch.”