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Twitch Uploads open beta takes a step towards challenging YouTube on video

Twitch Uploads

Twitch’s Uploads feature, allowing users to upload videos to their channel (shock!), is now in open beta as the streaming giant takes squarer aim at their YouTube rivals.

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While watching people play games live and, occasionally, watching recordings of those live play sessions has been Twitch’s bread and butter for some years now, Uploads are new territory.

No doubt Amazon, the big wig behind the Twitch mask, is hoping this will siphon a few of their bigger talents away from YouTube where they’ll often upload highlights of streams.

Videos uploaded through Uploads (honestly, I can’t see how that product name will ever get confusing or redundant) will not expire and you can notify all of your followers when a new one goes up.

As TwitchCon comes to an end, this is likely to be one of the last pieces of big news to come out of the annual party/conference/AGM but it’s not quite as big as Twitch Prime in our eyes.