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Two key Bioshock Infinite developers leave Irrational


Speculation is a wild beast, many have tried to tame it with calm words and bath salts but none have succeeded. So the news that two Irrational staff who played a key role in the development of Bioshock Infinite have left – mere months before its scheduled release – has riled up the community something awful. Should we be worried?

Well, no.

The two recently departed are director
of product development Tim Gerritsen and art director Nate Wells.
Gerritsen’s role was to oversee the creation of content for the game
as well as, according to his LinkedIn profile
“interfacing with our corporate home base and publishing partners,
strategic level partners and vendors, conducting contract
negotiation, strategic level planning, hiring and recruitment”.
Whilst he will likely be missed by the staff of Irrational, in this
late stage of development his involvement with Bioshock’s development
would have beenat a lull: the majority of the game’s content having beenlocked
in.Similarly, Nate Wells’ role was
primarily one of content creation – or at least directing those
that did.
With the studio for over 13 years, Wells was instrumental in
the stylings of the Bioshock games. There’s talk and speculation that after a few splices and changes to his LinkedIn page that Wells may be moving to Naughty Dog. Though such talk is mere hokum until an announcement is made.
So neither of these career changes
should be regarded as a warning sign for the quality of the gorgeous
looking Infinite. Nor should it be taken as evidence that the game
will slip from its February 26th release date.