Two Point Hospital heads to college next year with Two Point Campus

Sega and Two Point Studios have officially revealed Two Point Campus at tonight’s Summer Game Fest Live. It’s a follow-up to the popular management sim Two Point Hospital, and it’s coming to PC and consoles next year.

As fans of Two Point Hospital might guess, this one operates in much the same way. You’ll be tasked with building and running a campus environment where your decisions will shape the future of the students who decide to enrol – no pressure, then. You can shape the campus into the most aesthetically pleasing collection of buildings your bank balance will allow, with dorms, pathways, hedgerows, and more available to you through the management game’s creative tools. It’s not just about pretty buildings, though. You’ll also need to keep an eye on your students and keep them engaged socially and educationally with everything from pals and gigs to sports and societies. They’ve all got certain needs and wants, though, so you’ll need to be reactive.

“We hope that the incredible Two Point community will love all the new creative freedom that Two Point Campus will bring and that new players will be intrigued by its setting and the quirky world we’re trying to build, packed with our trademark humour and charm”, Two Point Studios creative director Gary Carr says.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

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