Two Point Studios want “an integrated world” of management sims


A whole range of quirky business sims might be on the cards from the Two Point Hospital developer, including Two Point Services. It’s all part of their Two Point County idea, a whole fictional region filled with quirky and weird businesses.

We got to play the first scenario – check out our Two Point Hospital impressions.

Ben Hymers, director at Two Point Studios, explained his vision for the Two Point series in an interview with PCGamesN, “we want to support the game with more content post-launch. We’ve got no firm plans to project what that’s going to be, but we’ve got ideas.”

The developers certainly get plenty of suggestions for new ideas, “they’re all really sexy ideas, almost too sexy”, said Gary Carr, creative director at Two Point, “You almost want to get a really dull idea, so you can really spin it.” Hymers adds “I keep mentioning that I’d like to do a Two Point Service Station…we’re a bit silly, so we’re going to make a light-hearted view of anything”.

Though nothing firm is on the cards currently, Two Point are clearly very enthusiastic about building a shared, contiguous setting. “We want our world to feel like a world, not just a hospital world” said Carr, “What we want, the big idea, is an integrated world of simulated concepts.”

Perhaps if Two Point Hospital is a success, the studio’s ambitious vision will be realised.

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