Sign up for a Two Point Hospital newsletter, get a Golden Toilet

two point hospital golden toilet

As one of few poor, lonely Americans here at PCGamesN, I’m sadly not privy to quite the wealth of toilet euphemisms that my colleagues might have. Something about a water closet, or somesuch. But I can tell you that there’s a new bonus item for the upcoming Two Point Hospital, and it’s pretty crappy – er, rather, a pretty crapper.

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The developers launched a Hospital Pass news feed at the official site some time ago, promising exclusive promotions, early access to new gameplay videos, and a regular newsletter. It also promised a free in-game for signing up, and now we know what that is.

It’s a toilet. A golden toilet. Or, as this press release informs me, THE Golden Toilet. After a bit of a quiet time in the Two Point marketing cycle, we’re told that the PR team “wanted to wait until we had something really interesting to say, something that really captured the essence of Two Point Hospital. Something that really delivered.” And deliver they did. With a toilet.

If you want something a little more concrete and a little less gold-plated porcelain, check out the Two Point Hospital gameplay footage complete with developer commentary. The game’s due to release this autumn.