Come see Two Point Hospital’s silly animations and Sega arcade machines


Theme Hospital was famous for its charm and its offbeat humour, substituting scary real-life diseases like cancer with bloaty-head syndrome. Two Point Hospital is openly aiming to be its spiritual successor, and in their first developer diary, devs Two Point Studios explain how modern animations can help.

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In the video above, you can watch lead designer Ben Huskins and lead animator Chris Knott talk through the nuances of character interaction that will infuse your hospital with all the brio of the ’90s.

“The goal of the animators in this game is to get as much expression and character as we can for everybody within the game so that you genuinely care about all these little people,” says Knott.

On the design side, each person has a set of character traits which will form unique personalities, resulting in plenty of emergent situations. You’ll need to manage these personalities to keep the hospital running smoothly – two argumentative people, for instance, will create friction when they clash.

You can see the results in the video, which contains plenty of nice, zoomed-in gameplay, affording a close look at the characters’ animations.