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The Two Point Hospital developers want to build a universe of similar business sims

two point county sims

Two Point Hospital is a spiritual successor to Theme Hospital, made by the former Bullfrog folks at Two Point Studios. There’s obviously a close link between the name of the game and the name of the studio, and that’s by design – they’ve got plans for plenty more games in a similar vein.

There are plenty of businesses to sim in the best strategy games on PC.

“This isn’t just us doing a reimagined version in the same theme,” studio co-founder Gary Carr tells PC Gamer, “this is one of many simulation themes that we’re going to put in our Two Point County—which is the world we set our game in. We’re planning more than just this, we’ve got a plan to do more ideas, that kind of interweave together. That’s something for the future.”

In terms of how those those games would “interweave,” Mark Webley says they envision their Two Point County as “a number of businesses and little sims that interact with each other. We can see a road map ahead of us and exactly what we’re going to do next is a bit up in the air at the moment.” The two say that successors to games like Dungeon Keeper and Black & White are probably off the table because they wouldn’t really fit into the theme they’re building.

They also mention the game will feature some competitive multiplayer challenges, where the game will track the number of patients you cure over a year, or similar things, then feed those challenges to people on your friends lists. And they note that mod support will not be in the game at launch, but “it’s in the plan” and will be part of a later update.

Two Point Hospital will release sometime this autumn.