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Tyranny E3 trailer gives you a new look at its world conquered by evil

E3 2016 Tyranny

A new Tyranny trailer debuted at the PC gaming E3 show, giving a more detailed look at how the overlord Kyros conquered its fantasy world. Obsidian weren't on hand to provide any more details, but if you like glimpses of gameplay and that lovely concept art, it's going to do you well.

See the power of evil manifest in our continuing E3 coverage of PC gaming news.

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Some of the first shots there of Tyranny gameplay, and it looks pretty damn good. Still definitely an Obsidian RPG, but with enough flavour and colour to differentiate it. Still a big fan of the evil wins part of the storyline too, though hope it comes with more weight to it than everything being awful forever - hardly an original fantasy trope in these days of Game of Thrones - and giving you an excuse to be a total dick.

Based on what we heard in the recent developer diary, there's a lot to discover in that world. The plan's still to get the game out this year (and what a year) so more to come soon for sure.

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AnAuldWolf avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

Why is it that in the vast majority of cases, the only time that humanity is ever the xenophobic bad guy is when you're playing them as a celebration of that? I'd love to see more games where you're actually tackling the xenophobia, the arrogance, the greed, and the hoarding nature of humanity. How humans love to exercise grotesque prejudices against things unlike them, to breed in excess, to overwrite those unlike them with themselves, and to hoard everything whether they actually need it or not.

I miss Pratchett, because even his dragons punked humanity in this regard.

How'd it go again?

Dragon: We were supposed to be cruel, cunning, heartless and terrible. But this much I can tell you, you ape: we never burned and tortured and ripped one another apart and called it morality.

I loved that dragon. Telling it like it is, because few people have the guts to point out how actually awful humanity has the potential of being, a potential regularly exercised.

I mean, look at the current UK situation. Rich people are the problem, with their tax evasion and owning most of the country's wealth. And yet the masses are so easily brainwashed to blame immigrants, foreigners, and disabled people. Swathes of the British are pushing the notion of gay people as HIV-riddled disease sacks, obviously the only reason a gay person would want to come to the UK is to be cured. Right?

I'm tired of this celebration of the terrible. I'd love to see more examples of rising up against human terribleness by putting a new species in a position of dominance. One riddled by less obvious problems caused by absolutely fucked biological imperatives.

That'd be nice.