Tyranny E3 trailer gives you a new look at its world conquered by evil

E3 2016 Tyranny

A new Tyranny trailer debuted at the PC gaming E3 show, giving a more detailed look at how the overlord Kyros conquered its fantasy world. Obsidian weren’t on hand to provide any more details, but if you like glimpses of gameplay and that lovely concept art, it’s going to do you well.

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Some of the first shots there of Tyranny gameplay, and it looks pretty damn good. Still definitely an Obsidian RPG, but with enough flavour and colour to differentiate it. Still a big fan of the evil wins part of the storyline too, though hope it comes with more weight to it than everything being awful forever – hardly an original fantasy trope in these days of Game of Thrones – and giving you an excuse to be a total dick.

Based on what we heard in the recent developer diary, there’s a lot to discover in that world. The plan’s still to get the game out this year (and what a year) so more to come soon for sure.