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Ubisoft has over 9,000 employees. Possibly becoming the world’s largest gaming company


Kotaku’s Superannuation’s been at it again, this time delving into the data released on Ubisoft’s corporate website. They found that the publisher now employs more than 9,200 people, 7,800 in a production role. That’s a staggeringly large number but it goes some way to explaining how the company is able to put out a yearly Assassin’s Creed release, all while making Watch Dogs, Far Cry, and the rest of their games.

More than that, since 2006 the company’s grown by almost 6,000 employees.

EA may still be the largest employer in the games industry, as in a report from 2013 they said they employed 9,370 persons. However, since then there have been a number of layoffs.

Ubisoft’s staff are spread across 35 studios around the world, meaning they can be working on a game 24 hours a day. Whenever a project wraps up then the staff can simply begin working on the next big game scheduled for release.

This is how Ubisoft are able to have Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Child of Light, Far Cry 4, The Crew, Watch Dogs, Might and Magic X, The Division, Valiant Hearts, Brothers in Arms, and another Rainbow Six game all in development at the same time. Not to mention all the other games we don’t know about (Beyond Good and Evil 2, for instance).

Plus, by 2020 Ubisoft plan on employing 3,500 people in Quebec and Montreal alone.