Creators of Spelunky, Downwell, and more are coming together for a 50-game complilation

UFO 50 Mossmouth

When we talk about bundles, it’s usually something like a Humble Bundle – five to seven games, maybe more, all brought together with a cheap price tag. It’s typically a pretty good deal. How about 50 games in that bundle? That’s what UFO 50 is – a compilation of 50 unique games, all created in the style of the 8-bit era. Now there’s a serious addition to your library.

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It’s being made by a five-person team: Derek Yu (designer of Spelunky), Eirik Suhrke (composer for Hotline Miami), Jon Perry (one of the co-creators for board game Time Barons), Paul Hubans (lead designer on mobile game Spunk and Moxie), and Ojiro Fumoto (developer of Downwell). Between them, there’s a lot of experience making some killer indie games.

UFO 50, then, is a collection of games inspired by the 8-bit era, and it even has a back story: a fictional game company made these 50 games that were way ahead of their time in terms of game design. To fit that, there’s a 32-colour palette and a whole bunch of restrictions the developers put on the game to get an “authentic” feel.

You can see some of the games in the trailer above – some are clearly inspired by classic games like River City Ransom while others look to be based on modern themes, such as that one tower defense game.

UFO 50 is going to be coming out on Windows in 2018, and you can see more details on the official site.