The game industry is giving 85,000 free games to NHS workers

The game industry is saying thanks to UK healthcare workers

Publishers and developers across the game industry are joining forces to say thanks to medical workers in the UK. The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment – or UKIE – has led a massive giveaway for National Health Service workers through the Games for Carers initiative, which will provide over 85,000 free games to medical staff and their families.

There’s a massive list of participating companies, which you can see in full below, but the heavy hitters include the likes of Activision, Bethesda, Electronic Arts, Sega, and Xbox Game Studios. A UKIE press release says that games are available across a wide variety of age ratings and platforms, whether NHS folks are looking for stuff for themselves or loved ones.

If you’re an NHS worker, you can head to and sign up with your NHS email address to participate in the giveaway. “Games companies of all sizes and players everywhere recognise their exceptional dedication and hope this initiative goes some way to help them to understand how respected and valued they are,” UKIE CEO Dr. Jo Twist says.

Ready for that full list of participating studios? Because it’s a big one.

101XP, 1939 Games, 4MB Interactive, Absolutely Games, Activision, Apache, ASA Studio, Auroch Digital, Bare Knuckle Development, Beast Inc, Bedtime Digital Games, Bethesda, Born Ready Games, Bossa Studios, Brainbox, Bungie, CCP, Coatsink, Codemasters, Curve Digital, Deep Silver, Devolver Digital, Double Fine Productions, Dovetail Games, Electronic Arts, Evil Twin Artworks, Excalibur, FitXR, Flying Interactive, Greenlight Games, Hi-Rez, Huey Games, Indie Champions, Introversion Software, Irregular Corp, Jagex Games Studios, Japster’s Cavern, Junkfish Limited, Koch Media, Konami, Kupo Games, Marvelous Europe, Maximum Games, Media Molecule, Milestone, Mode 7, Modus Games, nDreams, NerdyBGird Studios, Niffler, , Numskull Games, Outright Games, Payload Studios, Phantom Compass, Placeholder Gameworks, Playsport, PQube, QCF Design, Quack Quack Games, Quantum Soup Studios, Raiser Games, Rare, Renegade Sector Games, Reverie World Studios Inc, Revolution Software, Ripstone, Roll7, Salix Games, SEGA, SFB Games, Spilt Milk Studios, Sports Interactive, State of PlayTeam 17, Team Cats & Bears, The Game Creators, The Pixel Mine, The Yogcast, THQ Nordic, tinyBuild Games, ToastieLabs, Wired Productions, Wizards of the Coast LLC, Wreck Tanghle Games, Xbox Game Studios and ZA/UM.

There’s something for everyone there – and it’s all a lovely gesture for the industry to make for the folks working hardest during these unprecedented times.