Undertale creator shares a development update on Deltarune, including new music

Toby Fox has some updates on Undertale's birthday

It’s been close to a year since the first part of Deltarune launched, and while it was a tantalising glimpse of what to expect in the wake of Undertale, we still don’t know much more about what the full game will look like. Over the weekend, creator Toby Fox shared a few details on Deltarune’s development in celebration of Undertale’s fourth birthday.

“The design of the actual game and the specifics of what happen are going really well,” Fox says on Twitter (via USGamer). “I have a lot of confidence in the game that is currently written in my notes. At least, I think people that enjoy the things that I make, will enjoy it. That’s all I’m ever aiming for.”

It’s all a bit vague, but Fox adds “there are other aspects that are facing some hurdles, but they’ll definitely get overcome. Trust me when I say that, although I want to take my time making an excellent game, I also want to get the game into peoples’ hands as quickly as possible. Seriously.” That’s certainly not a release date, but it’s the closest we’re likely to get for a good while.

More concretely, Fox says “I want to share some small things from DR,” and follow up with a couple of fresh pieces of music. First, we’ve got Welcome to the City.

Then there’s Lost Girl (Noelle).

“I said this was Noelle’s Theme,” Fox says, “but it’s actually the kind of song that gets used repeatedly all over the game, even when she’s not around.”

We’ll see what all this means for the full release of Deltarune someday, but hopefully not too far in the future.