Metal Gear Solid-like Undetected sneaks its way onto PC this month

Metal Gear Solid-like Undetected finally has a release date, and the title looks to bring the retro visuals and stealth action mechanics into the modern era

Metal Gear Solid-like Undetected has a new trailer and a release date of this month, as the retro-inspired stealth game promises to bring classic tactical espionage action to the PC.

With a pitch that sounds similar to the genre-defining 1998 title Metal Gear Solid, Undetected is a top-down stealth action game set in the turbulent near-future of 2063, which is underpinned by social and political unrest.

Developed by Merlino Games, Undetected is now slated to come to PC on September 30 via Steam, the Epic Games Store, GOG, and other storefronts. A console launch for the game is in the works but has an undefined date of later this year.

A new trailer for the stealth action game accompanies the release date reveal, and it shows protagonist Tenoch Kaan sneaking around Undetected’s central location, the Chicxulub Perpetual Energy Station. Watch out Shadow Moses, you’ve got competition.

What sets this title apart though is that it has a non-lethal-only approach. So whilst you can use some guns they need to have things like rubber bullets, or you’ll need to use a slime explosive that can mute the sound of footsteps.

There’s even a permadeath mode, but instead of wiping your game save whenever Kaan dies, it’ll force you to start again if so much as an alert is triggered.

The Metal Gear Solid inspirations also look to be worn on the developer’s sleeve in the best way possible, as Undetected has gone for a retro visual style in the vein of PS1 classics, enhanced by some more modern graphical techniques and lighting. The game even has a “stealth camera” that swaps perspectives depending on whether you’re sneaking, wall-hugging, or doing any other type of stealthy action.

If Undetected sounds right up your alley don’t fret, you’ve got less than a month to wait. Or you could give the game’s Steam demo a try right now.

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