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Unofficial Battlefield 3 mod brings back natural colours, looks lovely, angers devs


The fan-made mod strips away the blue filter that gives Battlefield 3 its worn and weary look, revealing some surprisingly pretty landscapes that have impressed players. However, the game’s developer, DICE, are not amused.

Upon discovering the mod, designer Gustav Halling tweeted that he thought it was “to[o] colourful” and nothing more than a “brightness modifier,” a “hack” that was likely to get you permanently banned.

Some fans have commented that the mod has improved the performance of the game, giving a framerateincrease of up to 10fps, but reports have also come in of accounts being permabanned, requiring players to purchase new keys if they want to continue playing online.

If you fancy trying the mod yourself, you can get it here, but I wouldn’t recommend this until DICE give it the okay and prevent Punkbuster tagging it as an exploit. Let’s not forget that those keys are £40/$60 a pop.

Thanks to SnippingTool on reddit.