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Epic Games doles out another $50,000 in dev grants to Unreal tutors

Floppy and the Sleepy Planet

Epic Games has handed out another $50,000 from their $5 million fund to help people working with their Unreal design tools to create games.

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This wave is primarily composed of people helping others make cool stuff in Unreal Engine 4, though one or two also make games on the side.

The six beneficiaries of the latest Unreal developer grants are:

  • Mathew Wadstein, a developer who makes Unreal Engine 4 tutorials forhis YouTube channel.
  • Muhammad A. Moniem, creates free programming tutorials for UE4 onhis website.
  • Jan Kaluza, an independent developer makingFloppy & the Sleepy Planet, a platformer in UE4.
  • Cedric Neukirchen, created a freeSound Visualization Plugin for UE4 and also createstutorials.
  • VirtusEdu Learning Hub, aYouTube channelwith videos on how to build games, several of which cover UE4.
  • Fabrice Bourrelly, a 3D artist makingYouTube tutorialsfor architectural projects in UE4.