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Unturned marks its exit from Early Access with new map set in Germany

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It’s been three years since Unturned, the free-to-play zombie game made by a 16 year old, was released on Steam. In that time, it’s almost never left the top ten most played games on Steam, rocketing there in its first week.

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But now it’s time for the zombie game to step out into the wild of full release. Marking the occasion is the release of the new German map:

It’s a vast and lovely looking thing, full of cliffs, mountains, and castles. Players looking for the best gear to fight off the zombie horde will need to search around in a submerged town – braving the dangers of the water.

Unturned’s creator, Nelson Sexton said in an update post on Steam,that “These past ~4.5 years have been a crazy journey and I’m very proud to see how far we’ve come from the first version of Deadzone to Unturned 3.20 now. It’s been a pleasure and lots of fun evolving the game this whole time alongside you. It boggles my mind how long some of you have been with me and I can’t thank you enough for your support, but a huge thank you nevertheless. This community has changed my life and opened up so many cool opportunities, and I’m incredibly excited looking to the future with all the awesome updates and directions I want to take the game.”

There’s a nice new trailer showing off the experience of Unturned, too:

Even though the game is now out of Early Access, Sexton plans to continue releasing updates and new features for his zombie game.