UPDATE: Paradox and Stardock lost bid for Homeworld IP

Following the recent announcement that teamPixel lost their bid to acquire the Homeworld IP from static limbo, both Paradox and Stardock have also revealed they were outbid as well. The mysterious winning bid won’t be revealed for a few weeks, hopefully going to someone who has great plans for the series.

Fredrik Wester, CEO of Paradox Interactive was the first to reveal their position in the bidding war:

A short time later the founder and CEO of Stardock, Brad Wardell, also revealed they were outbid as well:

Thanks PC Gamer.

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Empyre Avatar
Empyre(1 day 2 hours played)
4 Years ago

10 quid says SEGA won it.

subedii Avatar
4 Years ago

As long as it's not EA. Or some other company that's just going to turn it into an always-online microtransaction fest.

Htorne Avatar
4 Years ago

Valve - don't tell anyone I told you :D